How To Properly Halter Your Horse

How To Properly Halter Your Horse

14th Aug 2020

Oftentimes haltering a horse can be somewhat of a difficult and time consuming task. Whether you need help retrieving, leading, or holding your horse in place, you must properly halter your horse to ensure a comfy fit.

There are many different types of halters to choose from but the steps to putting a halter on your horse will remain the same regardless of your halter preference.

Step 1:

Prepare your halter! If your horse gets spooked easily, it can be difficult to adjust the halter in the moment. Before you begin, unbuckle the halter and attach the lead rope.

Step 2:

Slowly approach your horse’s left side while calling it’s name.

*Make sure that the halter is visible in your left hand*

Step 3:

Once you are beside your horse, use your left hand to pass the end of the rope under its neck.

Step 4:

Using your right hand, reach over the horse’s neck to take the rope from your left hand. Now you have the rope around his neck, use your right hand to hold both ends of the rope together to keep your horse from wandering off.

Step 5:

Before you reach for the halter, take a minute to allow your horse to familiarize themselves with you. Do this by placing your hand under your horse’s nose and allowing them to sniff.

Step 6:

Once your horse is calm and collected, begin to position the halter in the same direction as the horse’s head. Place your hands on either side of your horse’s head and adjust the noseband so that the nose can easily glide into it and raise the halter into the correct, and most comfortable position. Your horse’s noseband should lie two fingers below the cheekbone.

Step 7:

Next, you will want to loop the halter strap over your horse’s head (keeping it behind the ears) and buckle it up.

Step 8:

Remove the looped rope from around your horse's neck and you’re ready for take-off!