How do I choose a halter?

Knotty Girlz equestrian products are made to fit the needs of natural horsemanship training methods. Our halters, long lines, and other products can be very beneficial tools for all levels of training; However, we know that sometimes choosing the right tool for your horse can be daunting (especially with so many different options). The knotty Girlz Team is here to provide you with helpful information to make an educated decision that is safe for both you and your equine companion.

Our stiffer ropes are often used for 4 knot and 2 knot halters. 4 Knot halters have 2 additional knots on the noseband, whereas 2 knot halters have just a single knot on either side of the horses nose. Trainers who prefer the stiff halters often feel that the extra knots or rigidness of the rope provide additional pressure points across the nose that help the horse learn how to yield to pressure. Often the 4 knot halter is used for a horse that may be pushy, less sensitive, or lacking ground manners. 

Stiff halters are great if your horse can be difficult to halter or if you are in a hurry because the stiffness of the rope allows the halter to hold it’s form. A stiffer halter does not fall through itself or get tangled as easily, thus making it easy to halter your horse.

Our softer halters can be used by trainers who prefer a “gentler” training approach, or for horses that already have good ground manners. Trainers, who prefer gentler methods may be working with a more sensitive horse or need to build trust slowly. The soft halters are offered with 2 knots and 4 knots as well, and they great for carrying in a pocket or saddle pack as they fold up nicely.

Additionally, we offer different types of hand braided nose bands for our soft and stiff 1/4" halters.

Below is a list of our different halter styles and a brief description of each:

1/4" Stiff 4 knot halters – Made from a premium stiff ¼” polyester rope, 4 knot halters are great for adding additional pressure points on the horse’s nose helping to teach them to yield to pressure.

3/16" Stiff 4 knot halters – Made from premium 3/16” polyester rope, this is our most extreme and thinnest rope. With the additional 2 knots across the nose this halter can be very intense, and it is recommended for experienced trainers who are confident in their methods.

1/4" Stiff 2 knot halters – Made from premium ¼” polyester rope, this 2 knot halter is great for everyday use and general purpose training. 

3/16" Stiff 2 knot halters – Made from premium 3/16” polyester rope this halter is very thin and because of it’s smaller diameter, it works well under a headstall for trail riding and packing.

1/4" Firm 2 knot halters – Made from ¼” polyester this unique rope falls between the stiff and soft ropes, making it a perfect middle ground. This rope holds its form, however is gentler than a stiffer halter cord.

1/4" Soft 2 knot halters – Made from ¼” premium polyester yacht rope, it is a double braid polyester that makes it both durable and comfortable. These halters are perfect for a well trained equine, and is comparable to a web halter.  

1/4" Soft 4 knot halters – Also Made from ¼” premium polyester yacht rope, this halter offers the same comfortability of the 2 knot version, while also offering additional knots for correction with pressure points when needed.  

5/16" Firm MFP 2 knot halters – This is a great general purpose halter. Made using the lightweight 5/16” diamond braid polypropylene, the larger diameter makes it comfortable and easy use.


What types of rope do we use?

Our products offer a wide selection of rope choices to meet the needs of the most demanding equestrian application. We use top quality ropes from Samson ropes, New England ropes, and ropes specifically designed for equestrian products by our manufacturer.

One of our most popular ropes is our double braid polyester. Made from high quality polyester fibers that are interwoven to create a braided inner core with a braided outer cover. This rope is durable, soft, and offered in a large variety of colors for both our 9/16" DBP and 1/4" DBP. We highly recommend our double braid polyesters for all levels of training and daily equestrian use. 

Still not sure what rope to choose?

We also have an Equestrian Sample Kit that contains samples of all the ropes used in our halters and lead ropes.


How do I measure for a halter?



How do I fit and tie a rope halter?


My lead rope came in with the snap detached. How do I reattach it?


How do I attach my lead rope to my rope halter?


How do I attach my lead rope to my rope halter without a snap?