5/8" Diameter MFP+ Yacht Braid Lead Rope (Polypropylene)

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5/8" MFP (Multi-filament Polypropylene over Polyester) double braid (yacht braid) lead rope

These Knotty Girlz lead ropes are made using premium 5/8" double braid MFP (multifilament Polypropylene) over polyester yacht rope.  Our standard popper "working end" contains a spliced end and leather popper.  The halter end, also contains either spliced in hardware or a standard eye spliced loop.  With length options ranging from 10-16 feet, along with a variety of colors, you are sure to find something to fit your needs.  

Trying to match this product with other rope products?  For the best color match - try to match with other products using MFP polypropylene rope.  Great rope choice for those looking for great value at a lower price.