Soft 2-Knot Side Pull Halter (14DBP)

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Soft 2-Knot Side Pull  Halter (14DBP)


Knotty Girlz Soft Side Pull is made from 1/4" double braid polyester yacht rope with 1 1/2" side loops or your choice of Brass or Stainless steel chin rings.

Optional flat, round or herringbone noseband.

Safety Notice: Rope halters, while excellent training tools, are not designed for continuous wear. To ensure the well-being of your equine companion, we strongly advise against leaving the halter on when your horse is unattended.


Product Reviews

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    SOFT 2-Knot Side Pull Halter

    Posted by Paula on 27th Jul 2022

    Excellent quality. My horse responds beautifully.

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    Innovative design looks good and works well.

    Posted by Brigid Wasson on 1st Jun 2022

    This is the only sidepull rope halter I've seen with rope loops rather than metal hardware. I love this style because it looks great and metal can corrode. I used it on both my horses and loved the look and feel. Steering is a little different then the other kind of sidepull I'd been using, but that's on me and my training. I used this halter with the Knotty Girlz split reins.