Choosing a Halter

Trainers have very different opinions and preferences in rope products when training a horse. Stiffer ropes are often used for 4 knot halters. 4 Knot halters have 2 additional knots on the noseband. Trainers who prefer these halters feel extra knots put pressure on the horse's face. These trainers feel this will help the horse learn to yield to pressure.

Stiff rope is also used for standard 2 knot halters. Stiff halters are great if you are in a hurry to halter your horse because it holds it’s form.  A stiffer halter does not fall through itself and get tangled as easily, making it easy to halter your horse. 

Softer halters are often used by trainers who prefer a “gentler” approach. Softer halters usually do not have the additional knots across the nose. Trainers, who prefer gentler methods, believe that horses learn to yield to pressure when the pull is taken off the halters. Softer halters are great for carrying in a pocket or saddle pack as they fold up nicely. 

We also offer an EQUESTRIAN SAMPLE kit that has samples of all the ropes we use for the halters and lead ropes.  

  • Stiff 4 knot halters – 1/4"  Made from a premium stiff ¼” polyester rope, 4 knot halters are great for adding additional pressure to the horse’s face, teaching the horse to yield to pressure.
  • Stiff 4 knot halters – 3/16"  Made from premium 3/16” polyester rope, this rope is very stiff and very thin. With the additional 2 knots across the nose, this halter can really make a horse uncomfortable. This halter is recommended for those who have been training and are confident in their methods.
  • Stiff 2 knot halters – 1/4"  Made from premium ¼” polyester rope, this 2 knot halter is great. With little stretch, this halter will hold it’s form.
  • Stiff 2 knot halters – 3/16"  Made from premium 3/16” polyester rope, this 2 knot halter is great. Because of it’s smaller diameter, this halter works well under a headstall for trail riding and packing.
  • Firm 2 knot halters  1/4"  Made from ¼” polyester rope designed specifically for the equine industry, this rope falls between the stiff and soft ropes. This halter rope is a double braid polyester, however it has a tighter cover weave. One of our best sellers and designed to last, this rope holds its form, however is gentler than a stiffer halter cord.
  • Soft 2 knot halters 1/4"  Made from ¼” premium polyesteryacht rope, this double braid polyester halter holds up to abrasion and sunlight with little stretch. Used by many famous trainers, these halters are built to last.
  • Firm MFP 2 knot halters  5/16"  This is a great general purpose halter. Made using 5/16” diamond braid polypropylene, the larger diameter makes it easy and quick to halter your horse. Great colors available.