1/2" Samson EQ Braid Long Line

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Natural Horsemanship 5/8" CBKnot premium yacht braid  Long Lines with carabiner

This Knotty Girlz long line is made using Samson EQ Braid 1/2” rope. Choose which style you prefer, with options on the halter end of spliced in stainless steel O ring and carabiner or an eye spliced loop.   The working end, will have a spliced end with a leather popper. With length options ranging from 18-25ft. along with a variety of colors, you are sure to find something to fit your needs. 

To ensure your lead ropes, halters, and other rope products will match this 1/2” double braid polyester Samson EQ Braid, match it with other products manufactured using polyester cover fibers.



Product Reviews

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    great rope, love the finishing

    Posted by Ann M on 16th Aug 2019

    I'm picky about the ropes I use, really appreciate the feel of a great rope. Love the finish they use on their looping. I got this in 22' and am using it for circle work. I actually want it to drag on the ground to get my horse used to that feeling so I can transition to free work, first while dragging lead. Same thing I've done with dogs ... ha ha. Like that with the circle I can get very quick release if I have around belly or neck or leading with foot, etc. Nice job.

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    Excellent lunge line that fits in my hand!

    Posted by Emily on 29th Aug 2016

    I love this lunge line, it's easy to hold and doesn't stretch. I like that I can easily replace the snap if it were to break. The snap is heavy duty and I don't expect it to break though. It's easy to open too. I like that I can get it in several lengths, I use it when I'm teaching and so I like a shorter line to make a smaller circle without all the excess line to trip over. The only con I can think of is that it is heavy, and the rope sags when I'm lunging, so I have to watch my circle distance and make sure it doesn't drag. Doesn't seem to make my mare's head lower or struggle so I'm fine with it.

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    Nothing better than quality!

    Posted by Wooly Pine Ranch on 6th Jul 2016

    Knotty girls know quality, does not matter what they make or sell. Rope, halters, leads, reins, snaps, they are the best quality and savings I have ever found. As for the long line it is hard to beat Samson, and you will not get any better workmanship than you will get from Knotty girls. Hats off to you Knotty girls!

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    Excellent lead rope

    Posted by Frank B. on 26th May 2016

    While I haven't used this one yet, I am sure it will be excellent. The worksmanship on splicing and attaching popper is great. The best part is the Samson rope. I have another 20' Samson lead rope. I bought the rope by itself and then made it into lead rope. Excellent. Can't go wrong with this lead rope from Knotty Girlz.