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Why We Love Rope Halters vs. Flat Halters


The natural horsemanship style of training has become a growing trend, and we are here for it. It relies on effective and efficient communication using rope halters. Here’s what we love about rope halters:

Intentional Design

Rope halters are designed to apply pressure to specific points on a horse’s face to help simplify communication, especially during the training process. They’ve been known to speed up the time it takes for a horse to learn not to put pressure on or lean into a halter.

There are great options, depending on what style of trainer you are.From a really straightforward approach to a more gentle approach, there’s an option for anyone.

Effective Communication

While some trainers might think that a flat halter is a kinder option for a horse’s face, we’ve seen in many cases that they can teach a horse that they’re able to lean in and overpower their rider when there isn’t a natural consequence to misbehavior.


Because rope halters don’t use hardware that can rust or break, they tend to have a longer life than a flat harness.

The Look

We love the low-profile, minimalist look that rope halters offer, as well as the wide variety of colors they can come in.

If you want to know more about which rope halter you should choose, check out our Choosing a Halter page.

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