​The 5 best ponies of instagram accounts that deserve more followers

​The 5 best ponies of instagram accounts that deserve more followers

24th Jan 2020

We collected a list of some of our favorite equestrian accounts to follow on Instagram. Check them out and let us know your favorites over on our Instagram account


Lauren is an OOTB enthusiast and equestrian blogger. We love following her blog ( and hearing everything she has to say about horses. She has everything from information about adopting a yearling to how to get your horse out of the stall when he is being stubborn to a horse birthday cake recipe! Beyond that, she has a big heart and someday hopes to run her own equine retirement facility & sanctuary! Keep it up Lauren!


Taylor Gordon is an owner and trainer who has been a professional horseman for 10 years. He trains performance horses in Central Oregon with his wife Alissa and they have a podcast called the True Horsemanship Podcast! Taylor talks about everything horsemanship related from training a horse to helping a rider handler and caring for the horse and your equipment. Plus, he is super picky about his haltes and leads and uses Knotty Girlz!


Kristen has beautiful photos of her horses at Coyote Canyon Ranch in California. She also posts valuable advice about halters and training horses using clicker training and traditional training.

Emma is an amazing photographer and excellent rider who blogs about her experience of riding all over the world. You could scroll through her feed for hours seeing photos of her riding in the UK, Mexico, South Africa, Greece, Italy, Spain, Jordan, Morocco, Brazil, Botswana, and the USA. Definitely worth following!


Annika needs her own equestrian magazine! Her photos are editorial-like and absolutely stunning showcasing the beauty of her country, Sweden, and her beautiful horses!