The Benefits of Using Rope Halters

24th Aug 2020

Many equestrians are making the switch from the traditional nylon web halters to hardware-less rope halters. Here’s why:


Pressure from rope is applied to the nose and poll area of the horse which results in better communication between the trainer and the horse. Rope halters are as severe or as gentle as the trainer needs them to be- BUT it’s important to learn how to use them properly before training.


Rope halters can be used for a variety of things like tying, leading and even riding a horse.

Perfect Fit:

Rope halters provide a more customized fit. You can ensure the most comfortable fit for your horse because of the various sizes and diameters that rope halters offer.


A stiff rope halter does not fall through itself and get tangled as easily, making it easy to halter your horse. Many trainers prefer rope halters because of the ease and efficiency it provides for the horses who are head shy.


Rope halters last much longer than flat halters because there is no hardware to break or rust.


Many are starting to prefer the variety of stylish colors that rope halters provide. Check out stylish color options out here.

Overall, a rope halter will outlast provide a custom fit and allow the trainer more control over the horse. Learn more about the different types of rope halters and how-to choose the best-fit here