15 Equestrian Skills to Practice During Quarantine

15 Equestrian Skills to Practice During Quarantine

9th Apr 2020

What is a skill as an Equestrian that you want to improve on (or outright learn) during this strange time? Although the Coronvirus is less than ideal, it is giving us plenty of time to practice skills with our horses! We received photos from our loyal Instagram follower @ashlyn_and_handsome of her horse getting her first lay down!

Here are some other skills you can work on during this time:

  1. Flying lead changes
  2. Dressage
  3. Rhythm and relaxation for your horse
  4. Connection with your horse
  5. Learning how to read your horse
  6. Bareback riding
  7. Jumping
  8. Increase your hand steadiness
  9. The emergency stop
  10. PATIENCE (this is one we could all work on in every aspect of our life)
  11. Softness in your horsemanship especially with your driving lines, brushing, feeding, basic handling, etc.
  12. Facial expressions while in the ring
  13. Improving your seat and leg at the canter
  14. Learning how to better communicate with your horse so they can understand new concepts
  15. Crossrails course at canter bareback again