About our ropes for Horse Tack

Our products offer a wide selection of rope choices to meet the needs of the most demanding equestrian application.  Many well-known horse trainers and clinicians use the same ropes we use in our products. 

Our Best Ropes for Horse Halters and Leads

Rope choices include polyester yacht braid or double braid polyester ropes and halter cords with brand names like Samson EQ braid, New England Safety Blue (Treeline), and our own specially designed CBKnot equestrian ropes. 

CBKnot ropes are designed by our parent company, Columbia Basin Knot Company, LLC and come in a wide selection of colors, diameters and stiffness - all proudly Made in the USA!   

Select the link below to download a free copy of our Equestrian Rope Brochure that describes the ropes used, colors and specifications. 

We also have an Equestrian Sample kit that contains samples of the ropes used in our halters and lead ropes.

Download Free Equestrian Rope Brochure